Boolean Algebra

Assalamualaikum. Hey there! Today in this entry, i will talk about Boolean Algebra. What is boolean? Boolean Algebra is actually founded by George Boole, an english mathematician in 1840s. So, enough with that historical story. COA is actually more harder and stressful to handle rather than history.

But if we study hard and we know the ’trick’, it will be quite easy. So, that is it, some introduction about boolean. J

In Boolean world, there are no such thing as ‘ ½’, ‘2/3’, ‘-1’ and so on. But it is come with True or False, or usually we use ‘0’and ‘1’. Let us start with Boolean identities first.

Another approach to express the logic function with logic equations:

  • OR operator is written as +, as in A + B
  • 0 +1 = 1 ------- 1 + 0 = 1
  • AND operator is written as & , as in A & B
  • 0 & 1 = 0 -------1 & 0 = 0
  • NOT (inversion) operator is written as – or  , as in A’ 
  • 0’=1 ------ 1’= 0

Still get confused? Ok, i hope that u just do not feel boring.. 

Do not worry because..

Let me introduced you some video that might help you a lot about this topic. I have checked all of this video and it is easy to understand and fast to learn. :)

Actually, I want to make my own video about boolean, but my english is quite not good -_-. 

Boolean Algebra AND/OR/NOT

Boolean Algebra: Basic Law and Rules

Boolean Algebra: Basic Problem

Basic Problem Continued..

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im a freshman in highschool and my teacher explains this so complicatedly. thanks for clarifying

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