Number Bases Intro

Intro To Number Bases
            Hi all~J Welcome back~ Thanks for still following our post~ Today I will share about number bases~ What is number bases? ~ How many number bases got? ~ How to use number bases? ~ How to convert from 1 number bases to other number bases? ~ I will explain all this today ~ Keep follow us ok? J
  Firstly, what is NUMBER BASES??

I definitely can define it as the number that is going to be raised to a power. Can’t understand? I will give an example ~ Example : in base 2 .. Number 2 is going to be raised to a power like this in 2021222324, 8 is the base. So, got what is number bases?? If not lets through it one by one~

There were 4 number bases that i will shared today ~ base 2, base 8, base 10 and base 16.. Each base has their own name ~ base 2 is known as Binary number, base 8 is know as Octadecimal, base 10 is known as Decimal and base 16 is known as hexadecimal ~ Lets go through 1 by 1 bases J

-Binary number (base 2)-

Is actually  represents numeric values using two numbers which is 0 and 1. Such as 10011012. Other than 0 and 1 cannot be represent as binary number.

            -Octadecimal number (base 8)-

Is actually represents numeric values using number in range 0-7 only. Example : 4678 . More then that cannot be octadecimal number. Such as 4688 cannot be included as octadecimal number.

-Decimal number (base 10)-

Is actually represents numeric values using number in range 0-9 only. Example : 6910 .

-Hexadecimal number (base 16)-

Is actually represents numeric values using number of 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, A(10), B(11), C(12), D(13), E(14), F(15). Example : EA16 .

We actually can convert from a base to another base.. How? I will show you 1 by 1.

Binary to Decimal~

For example 101112 to Decimal:

Just follow this table

Now insert 101112 into the table:

Now take sum all the bases like this:
(1x24)+(0x23)+(1x22) +(1x21) +(1x20)
= 16+0+4+2+1

Decimal to Binary~

For example convert 35710 to binary . To do this conversion, I need to divide repeatedly by 2, keeping track of the remainders as I go. Watch below:

As you can see, after dividing repeatedly by 2, I ended up with these remainders: 101100101

These remainders tell me what the binary number is. I read the numbers from around the outside of the division, starting on top and wrapping my way around and down the right-hand side. As you can see:

35710 converts to 1011001012.

Hope today’s topic will help you know what is Number Bases .We will come back with more knowledge about this topic after this~ enjoy learning with us J

P/S: Next topic : converting bases (continued and more detail )

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