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Hi all~ J Today, I will introduce to all of you what is COMORARCH. Our blog objective is sharing   all knowledge that we have learnt in lecture with Mr. Jaa,our cool and calm lecturer. J

But wait. Do we left something behind? Do we forgot to tell you something? Comorarch?

Okay, let us introduce to you, our COMORARCH! The word comorarch actually comes from computer organization and architecture.

  • COM: COMputer
  • OR: ORganisation
  • ARCH: ARCHitecture

Quite cool isn't it? We hope that this blog will give the readers all the knowledge that we know and also make your study easier. We will share what we have learned in this subject to all of you. More over, knowledge sharing will strengthen our knowledge also J 

We share because we care.

Lets know the writers:


Abdul Wafiy bin Suzly
Blogger ID : Comorarch, wafiy suzly


Muhammad Firdaus bin Roslan
Blogger ID : Firdaus


Muhammad Syukriellah bin Mohd Aziz
Blogger ID: Syukri Aziz


Muhammad Izzuddin bin Abdul Alim
Blogger ID : Adinaz

Just a quick simple question.


that is why we say: we share because we care.
That’s all for our introduction J We will keep update this blog for more knowledge. Hope you always follow our updates later on! J bye2! J

-Muhammad Izzuddin bin Abdul Alim

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