Load and Store word

Load and Store Operation

:) Memory Access

-> To transfer a word of data, we need to specify two things:
     1.Register : Specify the register by number or symbolic name.
     2.Memory Address : Specify the address by supplying a pointer to a memory address. A memory can be
                                      visualized as a single-dimensional array. The value of the memory address can be
                                      icremented using offset value.

-> In MIPS, data transfer take place between:

     1. Memory -> Register
     2. Register -> Memory

-> The only instruction that access memory are loads and stores. MIPS does this by using pointers to 
     locations in memory where data is stored. When we store a value we must specify the location.

->The value of an address tells where our values are in bytes (8 bit increments), however in MIPS, the 
     memory address must be word aligned.

:) Data Transfer: Memory to register

->To specify a memory address to copy from, we need to specify two things:
    * A register containing pointer to a memory
    * A numerical offset (in bytes)

-> The effective memory address is the sum of these two values.

-> lw is Load Word, where 32 bits or one word are loaded at a time.

-Muhammad Izzuddin Bin Abdul Alim

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