- Single Instruction, Multiple Data
- class of parallel computers in Flynn's taxonomy
- describe computers with multiple processing elements that perform same operation
  on multiple data simultaneously
- applicable on common task
      > adjust pictures
      > adjust volume
- improve performance of multimedia use
- type of processor is vector processor / array processor

1.0 Vector Processor

- a central processing unit (CPU) that implements an instruction set
      > operate on one-dimensional array of data
- greatly improve performance on a certain workload
      > numerical simulation and similar task

2.0 Advantages

- process multiple data elements in a single instruction
      > improve performance
- conduct mathematical operation very quickly

3.0 Disadvantages

- not all algorithm can be vectorized
- large register file
      > power consumption increase
      > chip area increase
- compiler don't generate SIMD instruction from typical C program
      > requires human labor 

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